How Much Is a Trip to Maldives For a Week?

How Much Is a Trip to Maldives For a Week?

The Maldives: Paradise with a Price Tag (But it can be Budget-Friendly!)

The Maldives, with its crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and luxurious overwater bungalows, is a dream destination for many. But how much does a week in paradise actually cost? The answer? It depends.


  • Resorts: The pinnacle of Maldives luxury, these private island escapes can range from $500 to $3,000+ per night, offering opulent amenities and pampering service. Think private plunge pools, gourmet dining, and dedicated spa therapists.
  • Guest houses and local islands: For a more down-to-earth experience, local islands offer guest houses and smaller resorts starting at around $100 per night. Immerse yourself in local culture, enjoy fresh seafood at family-run restaurants, and soak up the island vibes.
  • Liveaboards: Dive enthusiasts can explore the underwater world while cruising on a liveaboard boat. Prices typically start at $200 per night, offering comfortable cabins and access to world-class dive sites.


Be prepared for sticker shock, especially if you’re flying from far-flung destinations. Round-trip tickets can easily reach $1,000 or more, and peak season (December-April) commands even higher prices. Consider shoulder seasons (May-June and September-November) for more affordable options.

Food and Activities:

Most resorts are all-inclusive, covering meals, drinks, and some activities. This can be convenient but expect higher prices. On local islands, budget around $50-$100 per day for food and activities like snorkeling trips or dolphin watching.

Sample Budgets:

  • Budget Traveler: $1,500-$2,500 per week: Embrace local life on a local island, eat simply, and prioritize free activities like swimming and exploring.
  • Mid-Range Wanderer: $3,000-$5,000 per week: Enjoy a comfortable mid-range resort stay, indulge in some nicer meals, and participate in a few organized activities.
  • Luxury Seeker: $5,000+ per week: Immerse yourself in unparalleled luxury with an all-inclusive resort experience, gourmet dining, and exclusive spa treatments.

Save Smart, Experience More:

  • Travel during shoulder seasons.
  • Book flights and accommodation well in advance.
  • Embrace local islands and their charm.
  • Seek out free activities and hidden gems.
  • Consider all-inclusive deals if food budgeting is a concern.

Remember, the Maldives can be tailored to your budget. Plan, prioritize, and embrace the spirit of adventure! The turquoise waters and unforgettable experiences await. After reading this article, you should consider reading another article I wrote about >>>>> How Much Is an Average Vacation to the Maldives? to learn more about vacations in the Maldives.

Unveiling the Maldives: From Budget Bliss to Overwater Bungalows – Demystifying Your Island Escape.

As a seasoned travel veteran of 20 years, I’ve chased sunsets in Fiji, climbed glaciers in Patagonia, and navigated bustling souks in Marrakech. But the call of the Maldives, with its whispered promises of turquoise waters and powdery beaches, held a special allure. However, the whispers also carried rumors of exorbitant price tags. So, I embarked on a mission to unveil the truth: how much does a trip to the Maldives really cost?

How Much Is a Trip to Maldives For a Week?

Beyond Bungalows: Shattering the Myth of Exclusivity.

Let me dispel the first myth right here: the Maldives isn’t just for honeymooners and celebrities. Yes, luxury resorts with infinity pools and champagne breakfasts exist, but they’re just one facet of this multi-faceted gem. When I first planned my Maldivian adventure, I discovered a treasure trove of budget-friendly options.

Island Hopping on a Shoestring: My first experience with the Maldives was on a local island. Think charming guesthouses nestled amidst swaying palms, where the soundtrack is the gentle lull of waves and the aroma of fresh seafood grilling on open flames. For under $100 a night, I had a comfortable base to explore, cycle through palm groves, and chat with friendly locals who shared their island stories.

Diving into Affordability: For water enthusiasts like myself, liveaboards are the ultimate Maldivian secret. Imagine waking up to a sunrise over a turquoise horizon, then slipping into a world of vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. For around $200 a night, these floating homes offer comfortable cabins, delicious meals, and access to world-class dive sites. In my experience, it’s the perfect blend of adventure and affordability.

Seasonal Savvy: When Timing is Everything.

While the Maldives beckons year-round, savvy travelers know that seasonality dictates the price tag. Peak season (December-April) basks in sunshine and astronomical prices. But venture into the shoulder seasons (May-June, September-November), and you’ll find a 30-50% price drop, often with equally stunning weather.

My Pro Tip: If you’re truly adventurous, monsoon season (July-August) unveils rock-bottom deals. Just be prepared for occasional rain showers, which, in my opinion, add to the island’s charm.

How Much Is a Trip to Maldives For a Week?

Next Up: Crafting Your Maldivian Adventure – Part 2: In this next section, we’ll dive deeper into building your budget, exploring accommodation options, and flight strategies, and navigating the culinary scene. Stay tuned!

Part 2: Crafting Your Maldivian Adventure – Building Your Budget.

With the myth busted and seasonality understood, let’s build your dream Maldivian escape, brick by budget-friendly brick! Your accommodation choice sets the tone and the price tag:

Accommodation Odyssey: Finding Your Island Home

  • Luxury Resorts: Private infinity pools, gourmet feasts, and in-room spa bliss. Prices start at $500/night and climb the sky. Ideal for honeymooners, luxury seekers, and pampering enthusiasts.
  • Mid-Range Marvels: Comfortable stays with stunning views, catering to a broader audience. Expect prices around $200/night. Perfect for a balance of comfort, affordability, and resort amenities.
  • Local Island Escapes: Immerse yourself in island life with charming guesthouses starting at $100/night. The budget traveler’s haven, offering authentic experiences and local vibes.

Pro Tip: Mix and match! Combine local guesthouses with a splurge night at a mid-range resort for the best of both worlds.

Flight Fantasies: Conquering the Skies.

Fight costs fluctuate based on your origin and travel dates. Here’s how to snag a bargain:

  • Off-peak Escapes: Travel during shoulder and monsoon seasons for significantly lower prices.
  • Layover Love: Choose flights with layovers in major hubs like Dubai or Sri Lanka for potentially cheaper options.
  • Date Flexibility: Avoid peak travel weeks and holidays for better deals.

Remember: Book flights well in advance, especially during peak season. Flexibility is your friend!

Foodie Forays: Navigating the Culinary Landscape.

The Maldives offers a delicious blend of Maldivian cuisine, fresh seafood, and international influences. Budgeting for food depends on your dining preferences:

  • Local Island Delights: Budget around $50-$100/day for mouthwatering local meals and seafood specialties. Sample fresh tuna curry, fragrant coconut rice, and melt-in-your-mouth samosas.

How Much Is a Trip to Maldives For a Week?
  • All-Inclusive Allure: Convenience comes with a premium price tag. Consider your food preferences and activity plans. If you plan on exploring local eats, guesthouses and separate meals can be more cost-effective.
  • Pack Smart: Bring snacks and drinks for day trips to local islands to save on costs.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss the vibrant local markets! I found the freshest ingredients and spices, perfect for DIY meals or enjoying at small family-run restaurants.

Part 3: Maldivian Adventures Ahoy! Choosing Activities for Every Budget.

Now that your island home and culinary journey are planned, let’s explore the Maldives’ vibrant spectrum of activities, ensuring your itinerary brims with unforgettable experiences tailored to your budget. Buckle up, adventurers!

Watery Wonders: From Snorkeling Snoozes to Diving Dreams

  • Snorkeling Serendipity: For under $50-$150, guided snorkeling tours unveil dazzling coral reefs teeming with colorful fish. Independent equipment rentals offer a budget-friendly alternative. Kayak or paddleboard along the coastline for serene aquatic exploration. Opens in a new Maldives snorkeling
  • Diving Delights: Dive into a world of vibrant coral gardens and majestic marine life on guided tours ranging from $50-$150. Experienced divers can opt for liveaboard packages for an immersive underwater adventure.

Island Adventures: Unveiling the Soul of the Maldives

  • Village Vignettes: Embark on self-guided explorations of local villages, soaking in the laid-back island atmosphere. Cycle through palm groves, chat with friendly locals, and learn about Maldivian culture, all for the price of curiosity.
  • Island Hopping Escapades: Explore neighboring islands on public ferries, a budget-friendly alternative to private speedboats. Prices range from $100-$200 depending on the distance and inclusions. Discover hidden beaches, unique island vibes, and a fresh perspective on Maldivian life.

Spa Splurges: A Touch of Island Tranquility.

  • Luxurious Pampering: Resort spas offer indulgent treatments like massages, facials, and aromatherapy for upwards of $200 per session. Experience ultimate relaxation in serene settings.
  • Local Massage Magic: Find budget-friendly alternatives on local islands, with traditional massages costing around $50-$75. Immerse yourself in authentic practices and connect with local wellness traditions.

Pro Tip: Combine a single splurge spa experience with budget-friendly local activities for a balanced approach to island rejuvenation.

Remember: Don’t forget to factor in free activities like sunbathing on pristine beaches, stargazing under the Milky Way, and picnicking on sandbanks. The Maldives offers a treasure trove of experiences that don’t require a hefty price tag.

Next Up: Pro Tips for Budget-Conscious Bliss: In the final chapter, we’ll unlock expert hacks to maximize your Maldivian experience on any budget, from booking strategies to travel apps and local language knowledge. Stay tuned for the ultimate budget-savvy toolkit for your Maldivian adventure!

Part 4: Pro Tips for Budget-Conscious Bliss – Mastering the Maldives on Any Wallet.

Ah, the Maldives. Paradise beckons, and your budget whispers back – a harmonious symphony we can orchestrate with these pro tips:

Book Early, Save Often: Secure the best deals on flights and accommodation by booking well in advance, especially during peak season. Early birds truly catch the budget worms!

Travel Light, Pack Smart: Minimize baggage fees and embrace island life by packing light, versatile clothing. Think of quick-dry fabrics, swimwear, and comfortable shoes for exploring. You’ll thank yourself when navigating those sandy paths.

Embrace Local Transportation: Public ferries are a budget-friendly way to travel between islands, costing significantly less than private speedboats. Hop on, mingle with locals, and enjoy the journey!

Learn Basic Dhivehi: Knowing a few key phrases in the local language – “mashi” (hello), ” Shukuriya” (thank you) – goes a long way. You might even score better deals with friendly shopkeepers and taxi drivers.

Utilize Travel Apps: Download apps like or Hostelworld to compare prices and find last-minute deals on accommodation. Travel planning has never been smoother (or cheaper!).

Bargain with a Smile: Gentle negotiation is part of the Maldivian culture, especially in local markets. Approach it with a smile and respect, and you might snag unique souvenirs at bargain prices.

Pack Snacks and Drinks: Stock up on snacks and drinks before venturing to local islands. This can significantly reduce food costs, especially on day trips. Plus, nothing beats refreshing coconut water while watching the sunset.

Consider Travel Insurance: Unexpected events can happen. Travel insurance provides peace of mind, ensuring you’re covered if things go awry. Choose a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Remember, Flexibility is Key: Be open to adjusting your plans during your trip. If a local festival pops up, embrace it! Discover hidden gems by venturing off the beaten path. Sometimes, the best experiences are the unplanned ones.

Invest in Experiences: While saving is important, allocate some of your budget for unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s a sunset dolphin cruise, a private sandbank picnic, or a traditional Maldivian cooking class, invest in memories that will last a lifetime.

The Maldives on a Budget: It’s not just a dream, it’s an achievable reality. With careful planning, smart choices, and a sprinkle of adventurous spirit, you can craft a Maldivian escape that balances stunning experiences with budget-conscious bliss. So, pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to discover the magic of the Maldives, on your terms.

And don’t forget: share your Maldivian adventures with us! We’d love to hear your budget-savvy tips and unforgettable experiences in the comments below. The Maldives await, and with these pro tips, you’re ready to conquer them, one island escape at a time!

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