What to Know Before Going on a Safari

Are you considering taking a safari across Africa? If it is something you have ever considered, you should certainly do it. It is a thrilling adventure you will never forget with remarkable wildlife and beautiful scenery to experience and enjoy. Below are some pointers to help you make preparations for traveling across the African safari.

Minimize luggage: surprisingly, I was able to take a 12 day safari with nothing but my carry on bag. I have lost my bags that airlines too often, so I wanted to try something different. The key is to find the right bag and bring only what you need. For me, on my 12 day trek, I brought three pairs of pants and 12 T-shirts. I also packed one pair of shoes and appear sandals. One tip for minimizing is to list everything you wish to bring on your trip them cut that list in half. Since Africa is a warm weather destination, you can pack lightweight clothing that will take up less space. This is what my friends do who provide plumbing service in Smyrna every time they go on one of these.

Remember bug spray: insect repellent is as valuable as gold on the African Safari. If you have bags to check, you can bring full-sized cans. If you are only taking a carry-on bag, try bringing repellent wipes. There are some bug spray cans that are travel sized, but you will have to store them in bags for liquids. This means you will be limited on how many you can take.

Don’t forget the camera and lens: as you drive across the African Safari, you will need to have a camera that is fast to get the best nature shots. Sure, you can attempt to use your smart phone camera, but if you want to get beautiful landscapes and panoramas, it’s best to use a telephoto lens. If you don’t own one, consider renting a camera with a long-range lens.

Plan to be unplugged: while on the Safari, there will be many places where you will not have a Wi-Fi connection, or those connections will be weak. This is actually a great thing because it gives you the chance to disconnect from your electronics and so again everything Safari has to offer.

Prepare for an adventure: going on African Safari is a wonderful experience. The memories you make on the African Safari will last you a lifetime, whether you dance with the Maasai people, see a leopard haul it’s prey up into a tree, or enjoy the sunset over the Serengeti plains. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being on the African Safari, but once you make it there, you will understand what I am saying.